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Well I am torn today between the overwhelming joy i have for have written chapters 0-8 and uploaded up to 7 of my latest and by far the goryest Luna fic there ever was.


Please be assured that I love the mane six and promise their deaths will not be permanent if infact it all is not al jst an elaborate construct created by Luna's troubled mind as she fights to find herself. It doesnt matter what plot hole I use (NO PUN INTEND.. STOP FAPPING TO THAT!) let me rephrase. It doesnt matter what plot hole DEVICE is utilized, all will be made well in the end even if Luna has to fly around the world so fast that it spins time backwards (enter Supermare theme here) BTW that aint happening!

I am having allot of fun with this fic and intend to hold nothing back. Their will be Transformers, Zombie ponies..

Pinkie Pie- "ZOOOMBIE PONIES!!?"

Yes at least one Zombie and lots of blood and guts with a little humor to lighten the mood.

I doubt it will surpass "Cupcakes" in shere gratuitous violence and gore because I dont have it in me to go full horror but I will do as best as i can for all you bronies looking for a good bloody Luna fic.

For the rest of you just keep telling yourself it's only a story and stick it out for Luna's transformation back into the mare we all know and love in the end.

On the other hand i think i just lost one of my only other friends in the state at the moment. She decided there was something about me she could not love and tolerate. Maybe she doesnt like ponies. But at any rate she has asked i do not contact her again. So in that reguard i feel rather betrayed and disheartened.

I have also had to begin scrutinizing everything i eat due to a cautionary report I got from the doc yesterday. More exercise and less food is the prescription of the day. Trying to get a balanced meal on the go takes all the fun and most of the convenience out of eating out.

I am having minor troubles with the Cpap machine and am more stressed out due to my constant buying and selling on ebay as well as the odd jobs i do for my parents around the house.

Otherwise things are going well.

I am keeping going with a steady dosage of Depicote (Perscribed mood stabalizer) and Caffine as my drug of choice ;3 :iconfurrydanceplz:
  • Mood: High
  • Listening to: PONIES!
  • Reading: PONIES!
  • Watching: PONIES!
  • Playing: PONIES!
  • Eating: PONIES!
  • Drinking: PONI... WAIT WHAT THA FU...


Ben Cooper
United States
I am an amateur furry artist and writer. I specialize in anything anthro. I find normal humans boring to write or draw. Furries are much more interesting because there is so much to think about when writing how the different species express themselves with their ears and tails and the way their fur or other animal features react to their environment.

My fav's are Raccoons and anything canine (accept bulldogs). My fav pokemon is the Vulpix and I love Sally Acorn of the Sonic Archie Series. She is like a furry goddess

I am also a christian of unwavering faith.

I am a furry and DAMN PROUD OF IT ;3


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Current Residence: Granbury TX
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Country
Skin of choice: Fur covered
Favourite cartoon character: Princess Sally Alicia Acorn

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